Perhaps because I'd  just returned from my own honeymoon a week before and had a newfound appreciation for all things nuptial-related, but Sofia & Taylor's affair hit me especially deep. I've known Sofia's sister, Sacha, for almost five years, and in that time have been lucky enough to get to know the  vivacious, intelligent Bernards sisters and the beautiful bond they share with their mother, Theresa, and the rest of their kith and kin. I actually met Sofia & Taylor for the first time as I was photographing Theresa & Tim's wedding last year. We didn't have a lot of time to chat that weekend, but I could tell- along with the rest of their friends and family- that a wedding wasn't far off. There was a deep tenderness and understanding between the two of them that you don't see often.

Fast forward a little over a year, and Taylor & Sofia's day was just...perfect. For a lot of reasons.  They scored the only sunny day in a 10-day stretch of autumnal Northwestern awfulness; every little thoughtful detail and plan went off without a hitch (Sofia was, by far, the most prepared bride I've ever worked with);  and man alive, you could feel the love flowing from their  friends and family. When it's the real deal, you can just feel it. And everyone felt it in their bones during the ceremony. And then celebrated the hell out of it during the reception.  

As I was driving home, I called my wife and let her know how beautiful the wedding had been. As with most things in life- whether it's love, loss, or a million other more mundane things- it's hard to fully appreciate and understand something until you've been through it yourself.  I always get a little sentimental at weddings, but as I was heading back up to Portland after the reception I felt a deep sense of honor and humility to have been able to witness something so special and sacred and joyous.