I was introduced to Samantha and Chris by a mutual friend and within two minutes of our first meeting (their engagement shoot), it was readily apparent that they were one of the most laid back and comfortable-in-their-own-skin couples that I'd ever met. Usually your first time shooting with someone, particularly with a couple, is a lot like a first date- you spend the first thirty minutes trying to break the ice and then, if things are going well, you can start moving past the small talk and into the real substance. With Sam and Chris, the icebreaker period wasn't ever necessary. Their chemistry and  effortless comfort in each other's presence  made the two-hour jaunt through Old Town an easy and laugh-riddled affair.

And that same ease and innate comfort was evident throughout the course of their wedding day. The ceremony and reception, held in the octagonal barn at McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, exuded the cozy, congenial vibe of a backyard friends & family get-together. It was a thoughtful, charmingly beautiful, and perfectly tailored affair for these two laid-back lovers.