Madison, WI

I’ve been friends with Sacha for five years, have photographed both her mom’s and her sister’s weddings (I don’t shoot weddings often, but when I do…they’re Bernards weddings), and, when Syd and I met Adam for the first time a few years back in New York City, we were so enamored with his charisma and energy that we asked him to officiate our wedding this past September. So needless to say, this was a wedding that I was thrilled to attend on a personal level. Getting a chance to snap some photographs was just a perk.

Adam and Sacha are the most vivacious, energetic couple I’ve ever met. Period. Like that lightning-in-a-bottle, hard-to-keep-up-with, instantly-suck-you-into-their-orbit type of vivacious couple. Pretty much every conversation between wedding goers wound up at the same place: both Adam and Sacha found the only other person on the planet who could keep up. The wedding weekend was held over New Year’s in Adam’s hometown of Madison, WI, and included ice skating on Lake Mendota, plenty of drained German beer boots, a twenty-mile bike “day of” groomsmen bike ride, a bonfire out at a cabin in the Wisconsin countryside, a jam-packed, fur-heavy wedding ceremony at the fourth oldest surviving synagogue in the nation, and an inspiring New Year’s Eve chorus of Auld Lang Syne at the The Weary Traveler (If you visit Madison, The Weary Traveler is a must visit). The tone and tenor of the weekend was emblematic of their shared energy and love for each other in every way. 

Sacha and Adam, I love you both dearly and wish you the happiest and most adventurous of marriages. Thanks for letting me a part of your day.