Gainesville, FL

I've been friends with Mike Dorsey for almost six years. We played in a band together and have shared some days, nights, and stories that I'll remember for the rest of my life.

So I was pretty stoked to have the opportunity and privilege to photograph his wedding, and get to spend a little more time with his beautiful bride, Aja Ricketts. These two are just perfect for each other. Screw the cliche in this case because it's absolutely true. They're an unbelievably complimentary blend of quirkiness, creativity, and compassion. And the whole of the wedding mirrored this perfectly.

The wedding was an Art Deco-themed affair, with the ceremony held in Mike's parents' backyard garden-wonderland, where they themselves were hitched a few decades ago.  A fleet of pedicabs transported guests from the ceremony, through Gainesville's historic Duckpond neighborhood, over to the reception, where everyone got around to the proper celebratory business of eating, imbibing, and dancing.