…'ah, my friend, you do not know, you do not know what life is you who hold it in your hands'…

-t.s. eliot, 'portrait of a lady'

we all seek to understand, to explain, to clarify our existence in our own unique way; to create patterns in the past, to pull a sense of order and meaning out of the static. 

over the past three years, i've found my life, my past, and my worldview are most focused with a camera in my hands. i find the reductive nature of photography compelling; each of the specific slices you choose to carve out of the world reflect something about you, your interests, your values, your perception of reality, and, often, the way you like to be perceived. 

what i value most in my life, and in my photography, is connection; that rare moment when you and another human are fortunate enough to share some vague and desperately beautiful, deep-rooted understanding of an oblique aspect of this life, to dive, together, into the life-stuff of a song, of a piece of poetry, into the complicated and endless search for what it means to love and to be loved in this life, and into what, if anything, any of this means at the end of the day. i live to connect, and to learn more about my experience and our shared experience from each new connection.

and i'd love to connect with you.

if you find that my style of work resonates with you and would like to hire me for a shoot or a project or just get together and collaborate, all my contact info is available via that nifty 'contact' link up above. drop me a line at any time and we can chat details and pricing and all that jazz.

thanks for stopping by.